A floral paradise on wheels

All Sorriso Verde products are delivered right to our clients' doorstep by our fleet of refrigerated trucks. Our clients include florists, flower wholesalers and wedding planners, primarily located in the Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna regions, which is Sorriso Verde's primary area of operations.

First-rate quality

Our clients are able to make their purchases directly from our trucks. As a company, Sorriso Verde sets itself apart by the fact that we allow our sellers to handle purchases, allowing our clients to always keep up to date regarding the range and quality of products available.

An extensive and exclusive range of flowers

Sorriso Verde's range is defined by its extensive variety of exclusive, fresh flowers.  We are also specializedthe in the field of tailored bouquets and wedding flowers. Flowers are purchased fresh each week on Monday, with deliveries to clients taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Order online

For a number of years now, direct sales have also been bolstered by purchases made on the Sorriso Verde online shop, allowing clients to reorder products directly from the Netherlands.  Our excellent service enables our customers to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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