• MEGA

    MEGA fiori, Piacenza

    "Sorriso Verde is a company that is defined by its beautiful and exclusive range of products. I'm able to purchase products on a regular basis – products I previously thought I would only be able to get by making the trip to Holland myself."   Giorgia, MEGA fiori Piacenza

  • Ram

    Massimilliano Ramelli, Roma

    "I see Sorriso Verde as a family business: friendly, involved, and passionate about what it does. And yet I am treated like a valued customer and I notice that they always do their best to find what I or my customers want. I'm also always struck by how extensively their trucks are stocked!" Massimilliano Ramelli, Roma

  • Naor

    Naor, Brescia

    "Sorriso Verde has a proactive attitude with which they create demand among the customers. They have a wide range and are specialized in finding many novelties! A good cooperation depends on the people in the organization and I see a lot of passionate people at Sorriso Verde” Fransesco, Naor Brescia


  • Evanty


    "I've been doing business with Sorriso Verde for several years now. We share the same business philosophy, which is: to set ourselves apart on the market". Jaap Evers, Evanty

  • Ng Wigchert

    N.G. Wigchert

    "To me Sorriso Verde is a company that only focuses on purchasing top-notch products." N.G. Wigchert

  • Vanderburg Roses

    van der Burg Roses

    "I have a very pleasant working relationship with Sorriso Verde, because I'm dealing with people who are honest and down to earth. Agreements are always honoured. They're a reliable company!" Hans van der Burg, van der Burg Roses

  • Esmeralda
  • Gbr Vanderlugt
  • Borst Bloembollen
  • Vanderarend Roses
  • Zuidplas
  • Van Abswoude