Your eye in Holland

In 2005 Sorriso Verde also began conducting direct deliveries to its Italian clients. Our exports department conducts sales by phone, email or online. What started out as just two wholesaler clients in Lombardy has in the meantime grown into a medium to large client base in Northern Italy, with clients consisting of wholesalers, florists, garden centres and a number of wedding planners.


Our sales team at Sorriso Verde is made up of passionate and customer-oriented individuals, who excel by virtue of their extensive knowledge of the trade, their expertise, and knowledge of the Italian market. Business is conducted entirely in Italian. In addition, our team is able to tailor purchases entirely to the customers needs. We, at Sorriso Verde, consciously opted to have one and the same person that conduct both purchases and sales.

Niche products

In addition to our usual products, Sorriso Verde also spends a lot of time obtaining so-called niche products, or rare products, products that are either new or which have been reintroduced. This yet again allows our customers to gain a unique position on the market.

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